An idea that was originally conceived in a garage in early 2013, The Printer Convention came into existence when childhood friends Nic and Adam were bonding over a conversation that had spanned everything from "Breaking Bad" to "Would You Rather?" and everything else deep and philosophical in-between. After what felt like the millionth cigarette for the night, the boys had the idea to put their creative juices towards something productive (instead of lame jokes and shit puns) and from that moment on, The Printer Convention was born. It wasn't long afterwards until Daniel and Taylor enlisted their services, ultimately transforming TPC from a band into a family.

Since its formation, The Printer Convention have spent their time writing and recording a mixture of original music and covers, as well as gigging around Melbourne's various nightlife hotspots. At the beginning of 2016, the boys took the time to write and record their debut EP titled "Volume One", which has since gone on to receive a wide range of praise and success.

"Green Light"
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Adam Bove - Bass Guitar
Claudia Appaduray - Vocals
Taylor Burnett - Percussion & Vocals
Daniel Phillip - Guitar & Synthesizer
Nicholas Vracknos - Keyboards

Produced and Mixed by Andy Shanahan.
Recorded at Woodstock Studios and Fuse Studios, Melbourne.
Mastered by Edensound Mastering.

 Artwork by Paink

All songs written and performed by The Printer Convention.

Released October 23, 2018. 

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